Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlement Funding

Pre settlement funding offers plaintiffs a way to get money today and 

only repay when their case settles.  Pre settlement loans are non-recourse

which means that is you do not win your case, then you do not owe any money from 

your pre settlement loan.


Lawsuit loans are  often referred to as a lawsuit loan or a pre settlement

cash advance.  However, it’s important to highlight that pre settlement funding is 

not a loan although it is often described as a loan.  It is an advance against

your potential favorable lawsuit settlement.  


How Do I Qualify for Pre Settlement Funding?


We offer pre settlement advances for a variety of case types including

car accident cases, personal injury cases, and many product liability cases.

If you have retained a lawyer and you have an injury then you might qualify for a pre 

settlement advance.  

The Process is Simple and Involves Three Steps






Here Are Some More Facts About Pre Settlement Loans and Funding:


No Credit Checks are Performed

The minimum funded amount is typically $1000

The decision time is quick

Upon approval you can receive your money within one day

No fees or payments upfront

 We also offer unsecured business financing to our customers.  


There are also a few drawback to pre settlement advances- most apparent is that high cost of obtaining settlement loans.

The cost of settlement loans is because of the cost of capital and labor required to evaluate hundreds of claims and underwrite each case for approval.

Underwriting cases requires attorneys and support personnel to process each pre settlement request.  


Alternatives to litigation finance include personal loans, low interest credit cards, and asking friends and family for assistance.  Lawsuit loans should be used only as a last resort.  However when you’re waiting for a settlement, a pre settlement advance might be your best option.  

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